[Guide] Cyanogenmod 10.1 aka Jelly Bean 4.2.2 on LG Optimus 2X SU660 Korean Variant.

on Thursday, May 23, 2013
Hey Androiders,

Its been a while I blogged, since I changed my phone to Galaxy S Korean to LG Optimus 2X Korean. I do not know why always I get a Korean variant but, as in my personal experience Korean phones carry the same hardware with little changes than the international version, but the same performance. So the change in the hardware results different android solutions, that you have to suffer a bit to search and try different things and optimize it.

Having said that, let we start the porting of Jelly Bean to a Korean device. Thanks to all developers behind scene who has implemented it so far so good!

The following are required for the successive port of jelly bean to L2X SU660.

1. The Dropbox Folder which has all the installation files.
2. Rooted L2X SU660 Phone. (If not rooted follow the this link)
3. A Windows 7 Machine. 


1. Download all files from the Dropbox Folder.
2. Copy the following files to a External Micro SD. Keep it safe.
2. Go back to the Dropbox folder and find the "Root Tools and Drivers".
3. Install the LG United Mobile Driver.exe
4. Then remove the battery from the phone, by pressing both the VOLUME UP and DOWN keys connect the phone to the PC via USB.
5. In your Windows 7 task-bar, a driver will try to install but it will fail. DON'T PANIC!!
6. Now go to Start and search for "Device Manager"
7. You will see a Other or "APX" is there with a yellow warning icon.
8. Right click it and select the option to install the drivers manually. 
9. Now go to downloads folder and extract APX Driver.zip
10. Install the driver manually and again connect the phone to the PC as in the 4th step.
11. Now you will see the driver has been installed. 
12. Now go to "Root Tools and Drivers" folder of Dropbox again and extract nvflasher-cleaner-v0.2.zip. Run the flash.bat file.
13. A command window will popup and this process take you to the CWM recovery mode.
14. Wait until the command window says "press any key to continue...."
15. Remove the phone from PC and insert the battery and external SD card which carries all the installation files in step 2.
16. Now switch on the phone. You will see the recovery menu where you can install and flash new ROMs and kernels.
17. In the recovery mode, go to "install zip from sdcard" and go to "choose zip from external sdcard".
18. There you will see all these four .zip files.
19. First flash the ROM. cm-10-1-NIGHTLY-su660-fixed.zip
20. Then the Kernel kowalski-kernel-100p5-oldbl_CM10.1.zip
21. Next the Google Apps for Jelly Bean gapps-jb-20121212-signed.zip
22. In these steps your internal SD card may not be mounted. To avoid the risk, flash the fourth file as well. IntSD-MountFix.zip

23. Now go back, wipe data/ factory and wipe cache respectively.

24. Reboot the phone!

Here we go! Your L2X Su660 will be starting with Jelly Bean 4.2.2 CM10.1! Enjoy!!


I have tested the phone with the jelly bean, it works flawlessly fine. I can say there are some little issues certainly those wont make any difference, you can live without those additional features :D
The issues are,

1. WiFi tethering seems to be NOT working, I have tried, but I think a fix is coming up soon.

2. A special Jelly bean feature is Photo Sphere. I have tried to flashed in many ways, still the feature is not available for the device it seems! Anyway I will keep an eye on it and update whenever it is available!

Enjoy guys! Bravo Cyanogenmod Team :)

Questions and Comments are welcome :)


Tenshi said...

Hey man thanks alot. I followed this guide, and it worked perfectly! Now my LG O2X is running at maximum efficiency since it is rooted and running CM 10.1. Huge thanks to your guide, since it was the only one I found that worked. Thumbs up to you!

Shahid Khan said...

aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwsomeee ........... but little problem in sms typing. when i typed the first letter of every word suddenly the keyboard goes down... i checked the sms setting and Language and input setting but the issue is still there............ please suggest any solution??????

Nareshwar™ said...

Hi Shahid,

There is a third party app called "Jelly Bean Keyboard PRO". Install the apk and set that as your default keyboard! You are good now I guess :)

Shahid Khan said...

its solveddddddd.............. u r awwwsooomeeeeeeee broooooooo ................ love uuuuuuuuuuu muhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Nareshwar™ said...

Hi Shahid,

You dont have to kiss me for this :) Happy this guide helped you. But this is not 100%. Please report me if any issues that you face using CM10.1 :)

Rahul Arora said...

thanks .. it works fine

Tenshi said...

Hey man. Again, good job and many thanks for this guide. The CM 10.1 you provided here is running on base version 20130506-NIGHTLY-p990. The latest one is 20130706-NIGHTLY-p990, but it isn't compatible with the SU660 (it contains alot of fixes, which is very much desired). Do you think you can upload (or link) an updated CM 10.1 NIGHTLY for the SU660? I would greatly appreciate it, along with a guide on how to update it, unless you just have to install the zip in recovery, then that's relatively easy. Thanks alot.

McAlla said...

the camera flash doesn't work for me

Nareshwar™ said...

Hi Tenshi,

Great Question Man!
You can flash with the P990 ROMs but you have to use an appropriate fixer which supports SU660.

Here's what I do when I need new ROMs.
Go to: http://code.google.com/p/openstar2x/downloads/detail?name=su660-cm-nightly-v0.15a.zip&can=2&q=

and follow the fixer instructions. Its easy to convert P990 ROMs to SU660.

When you flash the ROM, do flash along with the SU660 supported kernel, I use kowalski-kernel for the most parts. Link can be seen in the blog post.

If you encounter any further problems please contact me via rajnareshwar@gmail.com or @0xNash on Twitter.

Nareshwar™ said...

Hi McCalla,

It should work since I use it frequently. So please try to reboot or re-flash the ROM. It should work :)

Rock Godson said...

thank u very much, but my internal sd and external sd are not working. what shall i do?

Shahid Khan said...

brother i m faceing problem to access my sd card on computer through usb cable. i just enabled the fast charging option through USB in kowalski manager then this mess happned.

Nareshwar™ said...

@ Godson, There is a Internal SD fix.zip. Flash that file. It will format your internal storage and fix the mounting issue :)

@ Shahid, Go to Kowalski Manager app and in bottom, toggle the fast USB charge and connect the USB again. You should be fine :)

Ryan Catausan said...

always stock on cm10 boot animation ang hang

Tenshi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tenshi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
reazor said...

it's stuck on the boot animation.

พ่อน้องเอิ๊กร์ said...

i try it.
and I'm found 2 problem

1.) Bluetooth Cannot use
2.) wifi hot spot cannot use

please. Modify something

Nareshwar Raju Vaneshwar said...

Hi พ่อน้องเอิ๊กร์,

1) Bluetooth IS WORKING. Ive tried it everywhere with 20+ devices, IT WORKS. Solution - Flash Again.

2. I mentioned Wi-Fi tethering issue, but it has a solution. Solution - Use this app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opengarden.android.MeshClient&hl=en

ronald gonzales said...

ave got also hang in boot animation i tried it 3x but nothing works please help me

Awais Shah said...

i have problem about incoming calls, i am unable to disconnect incoming call as the option appears to disconnect the call plz help me

dnsv said...

Hello Nareshwar™

You gave me the hope, thanks. I feel very sick when I start to flash something, so I check everything for five times before I get started.

@ Nareshwar™
@ Ryan Catausan
@ reazor

— what firmwares did you have before flashing this ROM? I've read that using p990 ROMs in su660 (with fixing) is only available with old 'bootloader' with initial firmware (Android 2.x)

@ everybody

Dudes, that had happy flashing, did HDMI works fine with this ROM?

Sorry for questioning so much for everyone, but I'm really a paranoid since I've bricked mothers beloved old phone :(

Aldrin Ramos said...

icannot find USB connectionmode

KHAN SAHIB said...

I have few question.
using LG-SU660 with ics 4.0.4 and kernel
with software lg-su660-v30c-sep-21-2012
so i want to upgrade to the CYANOGENMOD 10.1 AKA JELLY BEAN 4.2.2 you provided.

can i directly upgrade or what is the correct procedure to upgrade from my ics 4.0.4

2ndly what bugs and features are not present in this rom the one you provided.

lastly i noticed that when phone was in orignal stock rom gb 2.3.5 so the camera result was awesome. but in ics 4.0.4 the camera result is poor.. so whats the result in your rom...?

KHAN SAHIB said...

whats the camera result in this rom...??

is it better than stock ics 4.0.4 or gb? cause ics camera lacks clarity that was in gb rom.

Mary Rose Mejia said...

cant access your dropbox folder . do you an alternative link ?

kmonsoor said...

Thanks man. You just made my day ...

Muhammad Adnan said...

I will try this process as first time so you agree I shall do this, Is this easy for me?

Mr Uranbold said...

Wifi Not working is there are any fix? That Open Garden apk will solve this problem?

Shahid Khan said...

dear bro badly need ur help.......... after update to 4.2.2............ i have installed jelly bean keyboard app...... bur when i type any sms after typing some word the keyboard automatically pressing the different keys. and become unresponsive. then i have installed andriod gingerbread but the problem remains............ what will be the problem?? and guide me the solution accordingly. thanks a lot in advance

Hammad khan said...

hi. first of all thanks for all this.
the problems em facing are
1) incoming call cannot be disconnected .
2) when i turn on screen the brightness gets low itself. itz not on auto mode.

The Geeks said...

hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)

mir foysal Hridoy said...

Dr0p b0x err0r ???????????

mir foysal Hridoy said...

anyb0dy help me plz

Nareshwar Raju Vaneshwar said...

If you face a dropbox error, send your mail id to rajnareshwar@gmail.com, I can give you the access :)

rasika gayan said...

I am very proud of you brother...................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It work well thank you very much.

rasika gayan said...

when I use this rom I have face some issues.
mainly I can't open a wifi hostpot from this rom.

Do anyone have a solution ???????????

Dawood Khan said...

Thanks for this blog I liked it. 3 mobile


Bro Nareshwar, i have done 15 steps right but in step 16 as you mentioned "You will see the recovery menu where you can install and flash new ROMs and kernels" when i switch on my phone there is no such recovery menu appears.What should i do?

Daniyal Qureshi said...

i find alot but i didn't found any root or driver option window show notification software is installed but it cannot working ??

Rony Setiawan said...

big problem... i can use my internet.. can you help me

Unknown said...

boss i have done all process but my lg su660 is stuck on cyanogenmod and
no go on plzzz help me

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